Police shut down rave near Goodwood Racecourse

Police operating anti-rave patrols over the bank holiday weekend twice thwarted a rave near Goodwood Racecourse.

Officers have thanked local people for notifying them early, which enabled them to act swiftly in shutting it down.

The Midhurst and Petworth neighbourhood policing team, conducting Operation Allegro, received reports of a possible rave at Selhurst Park, near the racecourse, shortly before midnight on Saturday (August 25).

Upon attending the area it was apparent from the number of cars present, along with the amplified music, that a rave had commenced.

The first officers on the scene, with the help of the Goodwood Estate security team, immediately blocked the entrance to the car park and actively deterred those still turning up from proceeding further.

Police then entered the wooded area to locate the source of the music and immediately seized the sound system, using powers under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

Owing to the action taken by Sussex Police, the rave was closed by 4am. A further attempt to start a rave was made at 10am on Sunday, but early police intervention saw this also shut down.

Sergeant Jon Chapman from Midhurst and Petworth Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Sussex Police will not tolerate this type of unregulated event, as it is not only dangerous to those attending, but causes disruption to people who live in the vicinity.”

For more information about the rave, see this week’s Observer.