Sussex police crackdown on Chichester drivers

The Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team
The Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team

SUSSEX police have this week stopped ten motorists around Chichester and Southbourne for various offences.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Officers from the Chichester neighbourhood policing team carried out a day of action on Monday (January 20) targeting speeding vehicles, drivers using mobile phones and those driving without a seatbelt in the Chichester and Southbourne areas.”

During Monday morning, officers were on the A259 in Southbourne. During that time six vehicles were pulled over and dealt with for a number of offences.

One driver was given a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, two were fined for not stopping at a red traffic light and two were spoken to about speeding. Another car was stopped for having illegally tinted windows, which were then removed by the driver.

Officers then headed over to Broyle Road in Chichester where they stopped a further four vehicles - one for not wearing a seatbelt and three for using a mobile phone while driving and one driver was given a ticket. A cyclist was also stopped for cycling on the pavement.

PCSO Jason Lemm said: “We have listened to local residents who have raised concerns to us about speeding and various other driving offences in and around their communities.

“This day will be one of many where we will continue to work with local neighbourhoods to deal with the issue of speeding and other road related offences.”

To join a community speed watch volunteer group in your area visit and contact your local PCSO.