Damaged play area at Petworth set for a facelift

DAMAGED equipment in Petworth’s Rosemary Gardens play area is set for a major facelift after a series of repairs.

Chairman of the town council Chris Kemp told a full meeting he did not believe ‘the repair of the repair’ in the town-centre play area would last the winter and he warned there had already been two accidents there this year.

He said £11,500 was needed to improve the safety surface.

In addition, the slides had been damaged.

He said he wanted the town council’s backing to get a loan through the Public Works Loans Board to carry out the restoration work.

The money obtained through the loan, he said, would be paid off through the precept as the council prepared its budget for next year.

“Basically we get a new play area on ‘HP’,” he told the meeting, adding that the town council had a responsibility to maintain and keep safe, all its assets.

John Robbins told the meeting he supported moves to make the equipment and a surface safe.

“I say we do it once, we do it properly and we do it as soon as we can.”

The town council is currently in the process of drawing up a five-year plan for maintaining its property and moving forward projects in the town.

Trevor Leggo, chief executive officer of the Surrey and Sussex Associations of Local Councils, has undertaken to provide advice and guidance on the preparation of the new plan.

Mr Kemp said there would be a plan to maintain the play area and its equipment in the plan.

There would also be money set aside in the town council’s budgets in coming years to pay for this maintenance.