Debate about Christmas lights in Petworth

One of the streets in Petworth before the festive season
One of the streets in Petworth before the festive season

COUNCILLORS saw red – and yellow, green and blue – at a meeting of Petworth Town Council.

A discussion between a member of the public and councillors sparked debate about the colour of Christmas lights put up in the area every year.

Mr Rob Evans went along to the meeting to speak on behalf of his wife and to put forward suggestions from residents.

He said people have asked for more uniformity across the town, with people claiming the use of different lights looks rather like a “fairground.”

Mr Evans said: “My wife and I absolutely love Petworth.

“But there is a body of opinion that many would like to change the lights from archaic multicoloured to white ones.

“We love this town to bits, but think it needs more quality and sophistication.

“A lot of people say the same.”

However, town councillors argued: “It would be interesting to see these people when the work is actually being done.”

LED light bulbs are being used this year in efforts to save energy and cut costs.

Cllr Chris Kemp said: “I am always willing to take on more people on the Christmas committee.

“I was unaware there was a different point of view.

“I am open to changing it next year if we can find some money.”

Cllr Tony Sneller said: “I thought everybody looked to Petworth as a model at Christmas.

“Coloured lights have been used here at Christmas for more than 50 years.”

Cllr Juliet Fynes added: “I love the coloured lights below my window - Christmas is not about sophistication.”