Diana Ross leaves the stage at Petworth Park

Diana Ross left fans disappointed after a diva-style performance lasting just an hour at Petworth Park.

Faced with a small audience and uncertain weather, the Petworth concerts, which included UB40 on Sunday, failed to live up to expectations.

But it was Ross' antics on Friday which left some of the concert-goers crying foul.

Ross left the stage abruptly after taking exception to some audience members filming her performance.

One concert-goer labelled the event a shambles and vowed never to go back.

Another commented: "The crowd got 50 minutes of songs for 50, 1 a minute! Luckily we got our tickets as a two-for-one deal but I feel sorry for those people coaching and buying tickets. They probably blew 100 each.

"I think Ms Ross has forgotten it's the fans that put her where she is not the other way round!"

David Chown, of Yapton said: "She said 'Stop filming! It will be on youtube tomorrow. I don't get paid for that'. Within one or two songs she said 'good night' and walked off stage. What she did was great, but we probably missed half an hour of the show."

Tony Longstaff, of concert organisers Easternbreeze Ltd, said: "She asked people not to video her. You normally expect somebody to come back and do an encore and say 'I love you'. She just finished and walked off.

"I think she was the original diva. That's all part of the fun and games of going to see Diana Ross. Not only does she give a rollicking good performance, but she does things that divas do. Being petulant is one of those things."

Overall attendances were less than Mr Longstaff hoped for - despite the two-for-one ticket offer for the Ross night.

Ross attracted around 6,000 people; and UB40 on the Sunday brought in around 2,500 people.

"I would have hoped for more," Mr Longstaff said, though he added he didn't believe the clash with the Real Ale And Jazz Festival in Chichester and the clash with the Goodwood Festival of Speed were factors.

Now the emphasis is on building for the future. Mr Longstaff is in the first year of a three-year contract with the venue.

"We want to know what converts and events people want to see there. It's a fabulous venue. It's flat and it dries very quickly. It has got good sightlines and it is pretty easily accessible."

Anyone with any suggestions for bands for the future can email Mr Longstaff.

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