Don’t cut hedges in Midhurst and Petworth until birds fly

THE RSPB is urging people in the Midhurst and Petworth area not to be tempted into cutting their hedges too soon, as they may disturb nesting birds and their young.

Warmer and drier August weather means people are more likely to get out and tackle any overgrown hedges.

But the RSPB recommends avoiding cutting hedges from March to late August in order to allow nesting garden birds to breed safely.

It’s especially important this year as the wet and cold weather in the early part of the year may mean some species have bred later than normal and are still using their nests and feeding their young.

Samantha Stokes, from RSPB South East said; “The humble hedge is a place of safety for many birds, especially in urban areas, as they may be the only suitable nesting places for birds. We’re eager to make people aware of the risks.”