Downpour puts damper on Heyshott and Milland fireworks

TORRENTIAL rain throughout spectators away from bonfire and fireworks displays in Heyshott and Milland.

Despite the fact the rain eventually stopped just before 7pm on Saturday, November 8, and those who turned out were treated to spectacular displays, organisers are counting the cost of desperately-low attendances.

At Heyshott, numbers were down by around 75 per cent, from 3,000 to between 700 and 800 people.

In Milland they were down by around half to just 250 visitors.

Treasurer of Heyshott bonfire and fireworks Chris Clayton said only 100 torches were sold instead of the usual 200.

"I think we will be down to half our normal balance in the bank," he said.

"I believe we will be down to about 4,000 so we will have to do some fundraising for next year."

He said the committee had already come up with some unusual ideas which would be announced in due course.

In Milland Andy Coe, who organises the event with Justin Whitehouse, said: "We will have a job to break even this year, but we build in a contingency because we are aware that about one in four events will be affected by the weather.

"It rained right up to the point that we lit the fireworks on Saturday.

"Those who turned out really enjoyed it and the village hall provided good shelter.

"The bonfire and firework display were impressive and the hog roast went down well. The raffle and cake stalls did well."

But he added: "Because of the depleted numbers we had several gallons of mulled wine left over."

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