Durand head Sir Greg Martin defends £360,000 earnings

Sir Greg Martin
Sir Greg Martin

THE headmaster of a Stedham state boarding school has been made to answer questions to MPs about his £360,000 salary.

Sir Greg Martin, executive head of the Durand Academy based in Stockwell, south London, earned £161,000 from a sports centre at the Stockwell site, on top of his £200,822 salary.

But the public accounts committee, angry at the scale of his private earnings, accused him of ‘failing to understand the concept of public service’.

Sir Greg’s basic school salary put him among the country’s highest-paid headteachers, the committee heard.

Chairman Margaret Hodge told him: “It was wrong to take the money. The £161,000 you made could have been used to benefit the education of children.”

After the inquiry, Sir Greg said: “I welcomed the opportunity to explain the innovative model that has delivered so much for Durand pupils. “As anyone who has taken the time to visit Durand will know, its success is underpinned by the private investment it receives from the supporting enterprise, London Horizons.

“Not only am I proud of our record, but I believe it is absolutely essential we don’t discourage innovation like this in the future.”