Easebourne villagers say farewell to their dedicated parish clerk


EASEBOURNE Parish Council’s clerk, Carole Allan, has retired after more than a decade’s service.

At a special farewell, she was presented with an archive print of the Cowdray Ruins by chairman Adrian Revill. “Carole always responded sympathetically and promptly to people’s concerns,” he said, “and with her enormous experience and dedication she will be greatly missed.”

Among those who attended were the two former chairmen, Ian Heustice and Elizabeth Hamilton.

Carole said: “I was new to the area when I took over and it gave me a lovely insight into the area, the issues and the people. Hopefully over the years we have satisfactorily managed things. One of the best achievements during my time was the development of Budgenor Lodge with its social housing for local people. It also gave us money to spend on community projects we were proud of. I have also been in on the start of the exciting project to lease the playing field at Wheelbarrow Castle. I think the ‘lows’ came with the last two winters of flooding which weighed heavily on me because I felt impotent to help.”

New clerk Susan Coulter can be reached at parishclerk@easebourne.org