Cocking church helps the homeless

Younger members of the church cutting the harvest loaf
Younger members of the church cutting the harvest loaf

A CHURCH celebrated Harvest Festival with lunch and donations to a local charity.

At Saint Catherine of Siena’s Parish Church in Cocking, the Family Eucharist celebrated, and gifts of food and other items were brought to the altar to donate to homeless charity Stonepillow.

The service was followed by a lunch in the village hall where 50 people enjoyed a meal prepared by Portia Charles and helpers.

The harvest morning service at St Catherine’s was started with the music from younger members of the church, and accompanied by Canon Colin Bradley on violin.

The church quartet consisted of Sophie Cook on the recorder, Joseph Cook and Ian Dekker on saxophones, and Rachel Dekker and Dodo Charles on clarinets.

Chichester charity Stonepillow helps and supports rough sleepers, with the aim to eventually rehome them and get them back into society.

The recently refurbished St Joesph’s night shelter opened last week, and will now give rough sleepers the option of a long term stay , providing they work with the charit to get their lives back on track. See