Fernhurst youth groups get a funding boost

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MONEY raised at a summer barbecue held by Fernhurst and Lynchmere Conservatives has been shared between Fernhurst Scout Group and the village’s junior youth club.

Peter Curry, who was chairman of the Scouts in the 1970s, made the presentation to Fernhurst Cubs, representing the group.

The youngsters were accompanied by their leader, Sue Gibbon, and her daughter Catriona.

The Scouts and the junior youth club are to use the donations to improve the lighting at their respective premises.

At the youth club, it will help fund lighting for an outdoor games area, while at the Scout hut it is indoor lighting which needs some investment.

Several of the light fixtures need replacing and others need upgrading.

The hut is well used by Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for crafts and games, and good lighting is essential.

The Cub pack is seeking an adult helper to oversee its sessions.

Anyone who could help weekly or for a few sessions each term is asked to contact the group Scout leader on 01428 645979.