Midhurst Primary School moves up a grade after Ofsted

Midhurst Primary School has moved up a grade in its latest Ofsted inspection.

Judged ‘satisfactory’ in November 2008, it is now rated a ‘good’ school, and the inspection team has identified improvement in standards and teaching quality which have lifted it from a Grade 3 rating to Grade 2.

In their report, they said they reviewed many aspects of the school’s work, looking in detail at a number of key areas.

They included the achievement and progress of lower and middle attaining pupils in both key stages to determine whether teaching was sufficiently challenging; the extent of good teaching and its impact on improving pupils’ progress; and the school’s effectiveness in reducing levels of persistent absence by a small percentage of pupils.

They also considered the impact of the changed leadership structure introduced by new headteacher Matthew Barnes, and leaders’ effectiveness at all levels in bringing about sustained improvement.