Midhurst Rother College uniform ruling angers parents

Midhurst Rother College parents are up in arms after being told they must buy uniform from the school’s chosen supplier through the internet.

They say they are constantly sent the wrong sizes, it results in long waits for clothes and it has taken away valuable business from the town.

One parent said she have complained to the school and been told it was because it was a rural community and it was easier for people,” “If your child is a perfect size from top to bottom it would make it easier, but no-one is perfect.”

The college has stipulated that skirts, jumpers and blazers should be bought from a supplier in St Albans.

The parent added she like to be able to go into a shop locally and buy the clothes after her child had tried them on and be able to walk out of the shop knowing they fitted.

Uniform for pupils of the former Midhurst Grammar School was stocked by Frasers in Midhurst.

Another parent said it had been convenient to use the shop: “Children tried the clothes on and you knew they fitted. They were always happy to alter things.”

Full story see Midhurst and Petworth Observer May 24