Midhurst Rother College will be ‘world class’ school

MIDHURST Rother College (MRC) students will have a ‘truly world class environment in which to learn and flourish’.

That is the verdict of Fittleworth Primary School head teacher Graham Bloomfield after a recent guided tour of the developing £31m new school which is emerging on the site of the old River site buildings at Midhurst.

“To say the building and the potential it holds is impressive is an understatement,” he said.

“All the teaching areas seemed generously large with lots of natural light.

“The sweeps and curves of the main entrance and reception would befit an ocean liner.

“My eyes were carried up through the layers of a giant cake to what I am told is the sixth form common room on the top deck.

“The sixth formers will also enjoy the sanctity of their own library, placed like a flying bridge above the main library. From the central area, three corridors lead out to each of the wings.

“Sensibly, nearest the middle of the building where footfall will be heaviest, the corridors are exceptionally wide and airy and they then taper towards the ends where traffic will be lighter.

“The list of speciality classrooms, zones and facilities was impressive.

“The dining room is huge and the main assembly hall and auditorium is immense.”

He urged interested parties to take the chance to view the site which were to be offered later this year.