MP Andrew Tyrie urged to support campaigners against Durand academy

Durand Academy wooded pasture
Durand Academy wooded pasture
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CAMPAIGNERS fighting controversial plans to set up a boarding school for inner-city children on the former St Cuthman’s School site at Stedham have called on their MP Andrew Tyrie to stand up for them.

Alasdair Nagle, a leading member of the campaign group established by Woolbeding with Redford Parish Council, said: “It’s high time our local MP Andrew Tyrie stood up for his local constituents and made his voice heard.

“He should help us to halt this ill-conceived and wrongly-located project.

“As our local MP, he should not allow this massive development to go ahead in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

“As chairman of the treasury select committee, he should not allow the government to waste £50m of taxpayers’ funds on this unviable project when this money could be better used creating many more, much-needed school places in the appropriate locations.”

Mr Nagle continued: “According to Andrew Tyrie’s website, ‘he is passionate about conserving the natural beauty of the Chichester district and the downs for generations to come’. It’s time to see some of this passion. Let him convert these words into actions.”

Mr Tyrie told the Observer he had reservations about the proposals and was still seeking a meeting with the school’s minister.

“I’ve been very concerned about aspects of this development for a long time. Road access, in particular, looks extremely problematic.

“I’ve not been given a convincing answer on it. Nor am I happy that the minister won’t see me.

“He hasn’t even replied to my letter suggesting he reconsider, so I’ve written to him again. I won’t be taking no for answer.”