Plans to change hours of Midhurst school day

MIDHURST Rother College principal Dr Joe Vitagliano has announced plans to change school hours when the new college opens in September.

The plan is to start the day later with the first lesson at 9am rather than 8.30am and finish at around 4.20pm instead of the current 2.50pm.

“The later start would help to alleviate the concerns often expressed by parents that many students have to catch a bus very early in the morning to arrive at college in good time,” said Dr Vitagliano.

“The additional session at the end of the day would allow all students to take part in extra-curricular activities and many other opportunities.”

An earlier finish at about 2pm on Fridays would allow staff time for meetings so they were free to take the additional after-college activities from Monday to Thursday.

Comments from parents are currently being discussed by staff.

Dr Vitagliano said no decision had been taken, but if proposals were to be taken forward West Sussex County Council, student transport would need time to meet any changed requirements in transport arrangements for students.

He said there had been support for the proposed changes, but they needed careful thought if there was to be a successful implementation.