Roman holiday for Northchapel pupils

Willow class become Romans for the day
Willow class become Romans for the day

TO HELP them learn about the Romans, Willow Class from Northchapel Community Primary School donned togas and enjoyed a sunny trip to Bignor Roman Villa.

The class launched themselves into the day by dressing as slaves, emperors, rich courtiers and Roman farmers as they walked through the stunning remains
at Bignor.

Julie Robinson, class teacher and co-headteacher, said: “The trip was perfect, it offered a range of ideas and activities for the children and they thoroughly enjoyed their day.

“They cannot wait to get back into the classroom and write about all the things they learnt.”

The children were taught the history of the villa, how it was found by accident in 1811 by farmer George Tupper while he was ploughing his land, and how it has been preserved ever since.

All the children gasped as they walked into the Medusa room (Apodyterium) and saw the near-perfect mosaic of Medusa that has been carefully uncovered.

During the afternoon, the children had the chance to grind corn, spin sheep’s wool, make mosaics, find out about the ancient farm animals that were once kept at Bignor, and write their names on wax tablets.