Super summer fête at Stedham Primary School

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Pupils, parents and friends of Stedham Primary School had a busy end to the summer term raising over £2,000 at the school fête and putting on a major dramatic production.

Colleen Hayes, spokesman for the parents association, said: “We had a great day at the summer fête, the rain held off and we took just over £2,100 which is tremendous.”

The entertainment included a children’s tombola, Dougal the Shetland pony was on hand to meet the children, there were mini motorbikes and drag bikes, a tractor, dog show and bouncy castle.

“We also had a Pimm’s, beer and barbecue which proved to be popular,” said Mrs Hayes, “as well as face painting and tattoos for the children, a silent auction and ‘guess how many balloons in the car’ competition.

“Headteacher Sally Dreckmann was a very good sport and along with the chair of governors put her head in the’throw a sponge stall’ which was very popular - she said she thoroughly enjoyed her first fête as headteacher.”

And before the end of term all children in Key Stage 2 took part in a production called The Peace Child.

Mrs Dreckmann said: “The play was about two rival tribes, the Wannakeekees and the Sotongis, separated in the magical land of Mambica by an uncrossable river.

“The unexpected arrival of a TV crew who decide to build a bridge creates the threat of war and fear hangs over the tribe.”

The production was filled with songs in a variety of musical styles including the jazz-rock style of ‘We’ll all be famous’ and the rap ‘Don’t Mess with the Bears’.

“It really was a roller coaster of emotion with laughter at the one liners from the TV crew’s translator and tears when the chief’s wife handed over her baby. In addition the children added African drumming, playing the djembes.

“There was a stunning backdrop painted by a mum, Jenny Arran. The whole thing was fantastic,” said Mrs Dreckmann.

In addition the school had a visit from Alan Jones who organises the Onion Fest every year near Stedham to raise money for Char’s Fund in memory of his daughter who was killed in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

Mr Jones made a donation to the school towards the cost of new instruments for the use of pupils.