Tour of Britain fever at Midhurst Rother College

Year 8 pupils cycle for a smoothie.14LASEP8 b-1 PPP-140809-213514006
Year 8 pupils cycle for a smoothie.14LASEP8 b-1 PPP-140809-213514006

MIDHURST Rother College (MRC) students created a lively programme of events to coincide with the Tour of Britain.

When the college discovered the route would be passing close by, wheels were set in motion to support the event and get students active in the process.

The week-long programme includes a cycle-to-college scheme with pupils ‘clocking’ their mileage on MRC’s own Virtual Tour of Britain.

The brainchild of Heide Evans, the Tour of Britain programme involves students from all years.

“The response from students and staff has been overwhelming,” said Mrs Evans. “We already have many who have an interest in cycling, but it’s amazing how many more are taking part.

“The Virtual Tour proved to be very popular – the student spinning cycle rota in the gym enables everyone to clock up mileage and watch the collective MRC progress on a monitor.

“It really has captured everyone’s imagination.”

Those unable to ride into college have been able to take part in the virtual tour in the gym to clock their mileage.

MRC also hosted a Bike Doctor, enabling students to get a free bike MOT and security marking.

One of the more offbeat items on the agenda was the cycle-generated smoothie maker which PE teacher Aaron Hancock took great delight in operating – much to the amusement of his pupils.

For all the details about the tour, see this week’s Observer (September 11).