Victory for Redford family in battle over school bus

A Redford schoolgirl has won her battle with West Sussex County Council for financial help in travelling to school.

The dispute hinged on whether or not 14-year-old Amber Creber and her family lived more than a mile from the nearest bus service.

West Sussex County Council, after carrying out measurements, claimed they did not and therefore they did not have a responsibility to ensure she got to school in Midhurst safely.

But her mother Juliet carried out her own measurements and found the distance to be one mile and 157 feet.

A delighted Mrs Creber said: “I have received a letter from the county council saying they have sent someone out to remeasure and found the distance to the bus stop at Linch is 1.05 miles and I will now receive what they call ‘parent mileage’ to transport Amber to and from the bus, so this is a victory for us.”

Mrs Creber went into battle earlier this summer when she discovered her daughter’s school bus, the ’DoRiS’ from Woolbeding was to be axed and Amber was expected to walk just over a mile to the nearest bus.

She was deeply concerned about her daughter’s safety as she said there was no footpath on the lane which was also very narrow, had a 60 mph speed limit and was pitch dark in the winter.