Young Enterprise translates into success for Seaford College language students

The translation team ready for action at Seaford College
The translation team ready for action at Seaford College

A TEAM of students at Seaford College are putting their linguistic skills to the test in a bid to beat the opposition in this year’s Young Enterprise challenge.

Team Apex has decided to offer a service, as well as goods, in this year’s challenge.

Responding to the large numbers of Eastern European workers to the South Coast in recent years, the team is offering a translation and proof-reading service for letters, application forms, manuals, advertisements, CVs – even emails: everything the modern worker or business could need, with the exception of legal or insurance documents.

Apex managing director Alex Macpherson, 17, said: “Last year’s team made £2,500 by running a tuck shop in school, selling red roses on Valentine’s Day and selling school jumpers.

“But we decided, in order to make some serious money, we needed to take our services outside the school environment.”

Several students at the college speak fluent Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Estonian and Serbian as their mother tongue, so are well placed to translate.

The team is also honing its event management skills by organising a Corporate Golf Day.