Election 2015: Midhurst voters on health, travel and education

Seniors club in Chichester
Seniors club in Chichester
  • Rother Valley Together members discuss health, education, housing and transport
  • Many struggle to get to the polling stations
  • Some residents still undecided which party to vote for

HEALTH, education and housing are among the key issues being considered by voters deciding who gets their vote.

With the elections just six weeks away, Midhurst and Petworth residents are thinking about who they would like to see running their country, their district and some of their parish-level councils.

Members of the Midhurst community club Rother Valley Together, an activity club for elderly and vulnerable people, are among those contemplating who gets their vote.

Freda Tregunna, 59, has always voted Conservative.

“I am very happy with 
the government as it stands,” she said.

“I have always been Conservative, and I’m not going to change now. I have always voted, but I’m not really interested in local politics.”

There should be some more transport for people in the outer villages, to help people get out and about

Midhurst resident Mary West, 82, has voted for the Liberal Democrats in the past, but is yet to make up her mind this year.

Mrs West said: “I normally vote, but it depends whether I can get to the polling station or not this year.

“Health, education, and housing are the most important issues, I think. I think there is too much waste in the NHS, where medicines are concerned.

“One thing I do think is wrong is voting for political parties rather than local issues.

“Votes shouldn’t be made on political grounds, but based on local issues which should be tackled.”

Renee Davies, 80, will continue to vote Conservative.

“I would like to see issues tackled such as affordable housing, and helping people get on the housing ladder. I think our local government is quite good at the moment and I will vote in the local elections.”

Alice, 86, from Midhurst, would like to see the next government help students.

“I would like to see them do a bit more for students –they come out of university owing so much money.

“I have always voted Labour but last time I voted Lib Dem. I’m not sure who to vote for this year. I think the government should do more for the NHS, and mental health services.”

MANY residents across Midhurst and Chichester interviewed said they were concerned about ensuring they kept their bus passes and about the future of the NHS.

They also showed great concern for young people.

They agreed the health service was of the utmost importance and improvements needed to be made to hospitals as well as to care services which allowed the elderly to stay living at home for as long as possible.

David Williams, 65, lives in Easebourne. He said: “I think something needs to be done about tackling youth crime. There is a lot of it around. Bus services are also pretty bad. I don’t have any complaints about housing, shops or doctors locally.”

Carol Hansman, 54, from Lurgashall, wants to see more done to help the disabled.

“Someone needs to speak up about housing and benefits for those with disabilities.

“There should be some more transport for people in the outer villages, to help people get out and about.”