Digital ‘green map’ allows public to submit their own ideas for environmental regeneration in Arun

A digital map which shows environmental projects in Bognor Regis and beyond also allows members of the public to submit their own eco-friendly ideas.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 10:44 am
Updated Monday, 29th March 2021, 11:50 am
Town councillors, deputy mayors and ParkVision volunteers Steve Goodheart and John Barrett

Launched last month by ParkVision volunteers and deputy Mayors Steve Goodheart and John Barrett, the map gives visitors a comprehensive look at the ‘rewilding’ and planting efforts taking place throughout Arun District. It also allows members of the public to submit their own ideas for environmental regeneration.

By visiting and clicking on the ‘Community’ tab, users can place their own marker on the map, describing their idea and where it might take place. Particularly strong or popular ideas could be adopted by local authorities and investigated, giving local people a chance to affect real, positive change in their communities.

Although it has the support of town councillors John Barrett and Steve Goodheart, the green map is not associated with a local authority. Even so the map details projects proposed and completed by Arun District Council, alongside community-led tree and wildflower planting projects.

Website owner Colin Clark, who designed the map, and ParkVision volunteer Clive Mott said that the map therefore acts as an archive, keeping an effective record of local environmental initiatives

The map also displays parish boundaries. This way, users can inform themselves about and even volunteer with regeneration projects on their doorstep. Organisers hope this inclusion will encourage local parish councils to make the most of the service, updating the map with their own environmentally minded ideas.

Cllr Steve Goodheart, who helped initiate the green map as part of his volunteer work with ParkVision, said: “This tool has real benefits for community groups and individuals who are passionate about green projects not just in their own back garden, but out in the open areas within the different towns and parishes of the Arun District.”

ParkVision, one of the organisations responsible for the green map project, is a community group dedicated to increasing the number of trees in Bognor Regis Members organised the group after noticing that local authorities and volunteers were already working independently to regenerate woodland areas throughout Arun District. Members felt they needed a more comprehensive approach to environmental reform, and formed ParkVision.

For Cllrs Steve Goodheart and John Barrett, this green map is another step on the long road towards that goal.

Click here to find out more about ParkVision, and click here to access the green map.