New green building for Haslemere National Trust centre

A NEW ecologically-sound building, named Speckled Wood after the butterfly, is being built to house long-term National Trust volunteers.

Materials for the building at Swan Barn Farm, the trust’s centre in Haslemere, have been sourced from a number of trust properties within a short distance.

Trees have been felled, planks and beams sawn on site, frames made and now the foundations have been dug, and the clay dug out will be used later on the walls.

The house, designed and to be built by Lodsworth woodsman and eco-author Ben Law, will be constructed almost entirely from locally produced natural materials and this, along with the installation of a bio-mass heating system, will allow the building to become an ultra low carbon emission unit.

As preparations to start building get under way, a tatty storage shed has been demolished and its cement flooring broken up to make the foundations, with stone padstones to support the A-frames.

Huge lengths of tree have been sawn into vast beams: Douglas fir is becoming roof rafters, larch is ready for the thousands of shingles to be made.