Petworth Town Council supports green energy

GOING green was one of the issues welcomed during a meeting of Petworth Town Council.

Fleur Thomas raised the possibility of electric car charging points being set up in Petworth car park, and called upon Petworth Town Council to support her in seeing this idea become a reality.

There are currently two 24-hour electric vehicle charging points in Chichester’s East Pallant car park, which were set up in March 2011, from a partnership between Southern Electric, West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council.

Cllr Ken Lintill, chairman of Petworth Town Council, said: “As a town council we have agreed we will support her fully.

“We certainly have no funding to see electric vehicle charging points set up and something like that is going to cost a lot of money.

“However, as a town council we would be absolutely delighted if funding was secured to see this happen and we support her request fully.”

Miss Thomas has secured support from Petworth councillors, however any funding must be secured by Chichester District Council.

A Chichester District Council spokeswoman said: “The council is working with the Sussex Air Quality Partnership to deliver a low emission strategy.

“As part of this, we were lucky enough to access funding from Southern Electric via West Sussex County Council to introduce the Chichester electric car charging points, which this council continues to support.

“We are really pleased that residents in Petworth would welcome the introduction of electric charging points. We will consider this when looking for future funding opportunities for the district.”