Rogate housing plans are ‘not appropriate’

Rogate Parish Council has opposed plans for housing development on a village site which has ongoing sewage issues.

Parish councillors have accepted a recommendation by the Affordable Housing Working Party not to support Hyde Marlett’s proposal’s for 16 houses on Parsonage Estate.

Residents have already raised concerns over additional houses on a site where sewage has overflowed into their gardens, and asked how the sewage system would cope with a further 16 houses.

One resident, Rose Greenfield, spoke out and said: “During heavy rain the pumping station on Hugo Platt cannot cope, backing up the drains, and leaving sewage running down the road. We flood two or three times a year.”

With six houses in the Hugo Platt part of the estate lying below sewage level, 16 more houses would put even more strain on the pumping station.

There were also worries about the roads being narrow and parking problems.

The Affordable Housing Working Party, of Rogate Parish Council, held a community consultation on August 17 and produced a report on their findings after talking to the 80 residents who attended.

The report concludes: “The development is not appropriate for the site and will exacerbate existing challenges and inconvenience of the neighbourhood.”