VOTE - Is enough being done to tackle flooding?

As Easebourne villagers count the cost of yet more flooding a meeting has been called to try to resolve the re-occurring nightmare.

The latest flooding on Friday saw North Mill Bridge passable only to 4x4s for an hour, left mud and silt on Easebourne Street and Easebourne Lane and flooded footpaths, private drive ways and garages across the village.

It caused traffic chaos with Midhurst and Easebourne brought to a standstill and tailbacks along the busy A272 and A286.

At the height of the flooding an eye witness reported seeing cars trying to cross North Mill Bridge with water flooded up to their car doors.

One motorist said it took him 40 minutes to travel the short distance from Easebourne Church to the North Mill Bridge roundabout where the A286 and the A272 converge.

North Mill Bridge was also flooded a month ago and villagers have battled with flash flooding several times since then.

Parish council chairman Ian Heustice said: “We are increasingly frustrated that it seems every time it rains hard various parts of the village are flooded.”

And in the wake of gushing water he said roads, driveways and footpaths were left covered in silt,slippery mud and debris.

Now the parish council has called a meeting with all agencies involved including the county council and the Environment Agency in a bid to solve the problems.

“I am getting very frustrated,” he said, “for goodness sake I know the county council has budget pressures but the poor residents of Easebourne are suffering enormously with all this.”

“I went into Midhurst at midday and it was clear, when I tried to return at 1.20pm only 4x4s were getting over the bridge and they were creating tidal waves.”

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