VOTE: Was the county council’s delivery of salt adequate in your area?

MHBG-17-0-13 Gritter
MHBG-17-0-13 Gritter

WEST Sussex County Council’s emergency salt bag delivery system during the last heavy snowfall was a ‘disaster’ admitted Midhurst’s county councillor John Cherry.

He told members of the town council, not only Midhurst but parishes all over the district had suffered as a result of the county council’s failure to get it right.

“It hasn’t been handled well and Pieter Montyn, responsible for transport and highways has taken this on board and has undertaken to sort it out and make sure this sort of disaster doesn’t happen again,” he said.

“The salt bags weren’t delivered to the right places at the right time and arrived after the snow had fallen.”

Chairman of the town council John Etherington asked for an assurance the bags delivered to the wrong places would be collected: “They are scattered all over the district and some of them are never going to serve a purpose apart from killing all the vegetation under them,” he said.

Colin Hughes told Cllr Cherry he believed more attention should be paid to Cocking Hill during snow falls.

In recent snow he was unable to get over the hill. The other three routes north over Bury and Duncton hills and Harting Down were also blocked.

“When these routes are not passable the whole of the north of the Downs is not accessible,” said Mr Hughes.

He said gritters should be directed to Cocking Hill urgently as soon as snow fell.


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