Evacuees at Dorset House School in Bury

Evacuees wait at Pulborough Station for their train to Amblerley
Evacuees wait at Pulborough Station for their train to Amblerley

ANYONE standing on Pulborough Station on Sunday evening could be forgiven for thinking they had taken a step back in time.

Waiting on the platform were 19 young evacuees all carrying ration cards, gas mask boxes and cases.

And to complete the picture they were being waved off by their parents all dressed in wartime costumes.

It was all part of a school project for year 4 pupils from Dorset House School at Bury who have been learning about the second world war.

On Sunday they were ‘evacuated’ to The Manor - Dorset House School - for the night dressed for the occasion 1940s style.

School registrar Sarah O’Brien told the Observer: “They all got off the train at Amberley with four members of staff and trudged along the riverbank to school where they were greeted by Lord and Lady Marconi - alias Jason Marconi who is in charge of our boarders and his wife Katka.

“The children had to make their beds using sheets and scratchy blankets - not realising that their parents had sneaked in duvets from home when they weren’t looking!”

They ate cottage pie before playing games such as tiddly winks and bagatelle and Father David Twinley, vicar of Bury led them in a wartime sing song which he accompanied on his accordion.

The pupils spent the night in dormitories and woke to a breakfast of porridge.

The wartime theme continues this week with the children as well as year 4 teacher Janet White and teaching assistant Sarah Twinley wearing their period costumes.

“The kitchen has also entered into the spirit,” said Mrs O’Brien “and pupils have been eating wartime food such as Spam fritters and corned beef soup.”

A visit from The Rainbow Theatre proved popular as actors brought a wartime childhood to life. Grandparent Marjorie Holliday shared her wartime memories and children have been taught to knit and `make do and mend’.

Headmaster Richard Brown said: “This is the type of project which shows Dorset House School at its best with everyone joining in and the opportunity for every child to take part in an exciting adventure.”