Fernhurst Centre celebrates the first anniversary of IT recycling


THE Fernhurst Centre is celebrating the first birthday of its successful initiative to recycle old computer equipment.

It was discovered during the centre’s computer courses that most people threw away old IT equipment into landfill despite the fact it could still be used.

Fear that data might be used or identity stolen was the primary reason for taking action. When centre volunteers discovered computers could be cleaned, renovated and sent to worthy charities they spread the word.

In the first year some 250 pieces of equipment – computers, iPads, laptops and mobile phones – have been cleaned and recycled.

Fernhurst Primary School is one of many recyclers.

Sue Gibbon, a teacher at the school, said: “The scheme provides an excellent example to the younger generation, who we all know are more proficient computer users than most of us will ever be.

The scheme provides an excellent example to the younger generation

“They need to learn that this is not a throw-away society however thick and fast computer and phone upgrades come.”

Anyone who wants their old equipment recycled should contact the centre.