Fernhurst Choral Society party

THE Fernhurst Choral Society is looking toward the new year, having celebrated the end of a fantastic and successful 2013.

It did so with its 60th anniversary Christmas Party in a packed village hall with a concert which included choral singing, congregational carols and individual party pieces by a number of the society’s members.

Timothy Ravalde, the musical director, introduced the whole evening and the individual performances.

The first of these was Poppy Newton singing ‘A very Un-Christmassy Song’ accompanied by Sydney Brown who later accompanied himself in a very amusing commentary on SatNav - otherwise known as ‘having a wife as a passenger.’

What the audience did not have was an answer from his wife who was listening!

Nolan Chandler played tunes written by Hubert Parry a hundred years ago in 1913 when he lived a mile down the road at Shulbrede Priory.

Tim Ravalde admitted he had just started to learn the trumpet and played the pieces that he had to play in his Grade One exam.

At the other end of expertise John Hakeman played traditional tunes on his Northumbrian small pipes.

Other entertainment was produced by Eric Rimmer, Phil Brooke and a guest performance by ex-member Ken Smith representing the Friends of Fernhurst Choral Society.

After the fantastic concert, the singers and audience were treated to supper and the cutting of the 60th Anniversary Cake by president Lady Lesley Lewis which was distributed among everyone.