Fernhurst councillors want residents to have their say

FERNHURST parish councillors are determined residents will have a say in what the village will be like as far ahead as 2026.

A Neighbourhood Plan is being drawn up saying what is should look like and how that will be achieved.

The government led plan is designed to give real decision making powers to communities on planning applications which have not existed before.

The parish council says it cannot draw up the neighbourhood plan without massive input from all those who live there, and so need opinions and views. In the next few months they plan to run a series of events to gather these and to see how they might be achieved. They have also commissioned planning experts to help in the process which is being largely funded by a grant.

The first consultation event is on Tuesday, April 3 at 7pm in the village hall.

On that evening a ‘neighbourhood plan’ will be explained and views will begin to be gathered.