Fernhurst dog log appeal for new owners

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THE Fernhurst ‘Dog Log’ is having a push for new dog owners.

It is a free service for all dog owners in the parish and has proved successful over the last few years.

Started as an idea by dog owner Peter Hudson, animals are listed under type, age, owner and address so if they go missing there is a hope they can be found quickly.

The finder of a straying dog can ring any of the numbers on the dog log, listed in the Fernhurst News, and those people check to find any owner of - for example- a ‘black, old Labrador bitch with a white mark on her chest’.

Possible owners are then contacted and, with luck the two are quickly reunited, and at no cost.

“It only works of course if your dog is listed,” said subscriber Judith Turner.

“The list is not shared with anyone, but has done much to reduce heartache and misery. Even the most home-loving dogs have been known to go missing if they follow someone out of a badly closed door or chase a rabbit and even though legally, dogs must wear home address identification, many do not.

“Being chipped will soon become compulsory but most people do not have a chip reader so that is only helpful during vet’s opening hours.

“If you would like to register your dog because you live in the parish or ever walk your dog there, please contact jtandjt@btinternet.com.”