Fernhurst memorial trial remembers ‘Adders’


THE ANNUAL biking challenge in memory of a Midhurst man who died in 2010 went ahead at Fernhurst.

Unlike some of the previous four events, the weather had been exceptionally dry in 
the weeks leading up to the challenge, but course setter James Gammon still managed to find some surprisingly wet areas.

All levels of competitors were tested to the limit as shown with penalties notched up in the 80s and event 90s for the ‘Over 40’ and ‘twin shock’ categories.

The Colonel’s Cup bike trial is organised in memory of Adrian ‘Adder’ Brown who died in January 2010 and attracts bike enthusiasts from a wide area.

A similar event is held in Canada where Adder lived for 20 years.

Verdley Woods has a wide range of ground, from gravel tracks to deep mud, so very few riders came back clean, but all competitors said they were pleased with the going on the course.

Prizes were presented by Nobby Brown, Adder’s father.

Winners: Expert: 1 T Moss, 17 penalties; 2 B Skinner, 19 penalties; Inter 50/50: 1 P Martin, 24, 2 D Sherlock, 45; Over 50s: 1 B Rhodes, 24, 2 N Heane, 57; Novice: 1 I Wakeford, 30, 2 L Pettett, 61; Clubman: 1 A A Drylan, 53; Clubman B category: 1 C Samson, 46, 2 C Norman, 51; Over 60: 1 C Neville, 48; Over 40: 1 R Sherlock, 62, 2 S Staker, 72; Youth B: 1 T McCabe 72; Youth D: J Atkinson, 68, 2 C Warren, 64; twin shock A: 1 R Knowles, 95; twin shock B : 1 S Broadbent,47; Wobblers: 1 M Pullen, 34; 2 J Emery, 42.