Festive lights debate in Petworth

Petworth House at Christmas. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE
Petworth House at Christmas. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE

THE spotlight falls on Petworth every year at its spectacular Christmas party, but what colour that light should be, is now a matter for debate.

Though it is renowned for its outstanding annual Christmas events, Petworth appears to be divided over what colour their festivities should be.

This follows an Observer article in which we reported a resident had proposed the idea of changing the multicoloured lights to white ones at the last town council meeting.

Councillor Chris Kemp said: “I am open to changing it next year if we can find some money.”

Cllr Tony Sneller added: “I thought everybody looked to Petworth as a model at Christmas.

“Coloured lights have been used here at Christmas for more than 50 years.”

Petworth resident Paul Hawtrey said: “It is nice to have a mixture of lighting, there are, however, more important things to worry about.”

Jenny Prior lives in London, but was born in Wisborough Green. She is currently in Petworth to visit a friend.

Jenny said: “I think white lights are more likely to be found where I live, in London.

“They can be too frosty – coloured lights are more festive.”

Another resident added: “I personally prefer ice-blue, but I’m not bothered, as long as we have a Christmas in Petworth.”

“The only people who should have a voice in the matter are those who contribute financially to the lights.”

Geoff Spriggs, of Spriggs Florist, said: “I personally think coloured lights are outdated and look cheap.

“We always have white ones on our building.”