Firefighters called to Swan pub at Midhurst

Firefighters at the Swan 'pub this morning
Firefighters at the Swan 'pub this morning

BREAKING NEWS: FIREFIGHTERS from Midhurst and Petworth were called to the Swan Pub at Midhurst this morning (December 14) when smoke was seen coming up from the cellar and there was a strong smell at first believed to be gas.

The Midhurst crew using breathing apparatus went into the pub and called for the specialist breathing apparatus unit from Chichester to investigate with their gas monitors.

Midhurst Crew Manager Matt Gamblen said it had now been established the problem came from an electric cable in the electricity box at the front of the pub.

Homes in the surrounding area are presently without power and traffic is being diverted as a 50 metre exclusion area has been thrown around the pub. Electricity engineers are now working at the scene.