Fittleworth residents call for road safety measures

The damaged car in Fittleworth. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE
The damaged car in Fittleworth. CONTRIBUTED PICTURE

RESIDENTS in Fittleworth have blasted rush-hour drivers for treating their roads as a ‘rat-run’, calling the village a ‘push-over for road hogs of the worst kind.’

And now drivers are leaving threatening messages on cars parked legally outside houses in Lower Street.

Jon Edgar’s car window was smashed with a metal object with an expletive note attached: “This is the third time I have nearly hit this f****** van.”

It landed in his young son’s car seat.

“As a dad with small kids, I feel enough is enough,” he said.

“Lower Street is used as a rat-run by commuting people driving like they would on an A-road, and by huge lorries whose companies should know better.

“That the exasperation of selfish speeding drivers reaches past aggressive shouting and horn-hooting - at the mere threat of a legally parked car in a 30mph zone - and elevates to premeditated criminal damage is a sad situation.

“We need pinch points through the village allowing people to use roads safely and park on their street without feeling threatened.

“I am thankful my car didn’t have my three year old son strapped into the child seat where the missile was retrieved from.”

Shirley Williams lives near the Swan Pub and said walking her children to school when they were young was ‘terrifying’.

“Speeding down Lower Street is a problem from top to bottom.

“Even though my children now get the bus home, I refuse to let them walk from the bus stop, it is too unsafe.

“I will either walk to meet them, or drive, adding to both the traffic, and my guilt.”

Fittleworth has reformed its Traffic Action Group (F-TAG) which will address concerns about traffic and speeding.

F-TAG chairman Jo Mansfield said: “We understand the need for traffic flow, and cutting through our village might save time, however the small roads were not built with this in mind.

“We must speak out and aim to collate the evidence then talk to all parties involved and make them aware of the regular trauma many of us face.”