Frack Free Fernhurst distances itself from ‘venom’ to land owners

THE anti-fracking campaign at Fernhurst has moved to distance itself from the victimisation of village landowners who are leasing a site for an exploratory well to drill for oil and gas.

The move comes after the Observer highlighted a campaign of terror being waged against Robin and Carla Barnes on whose Nine Acre Copse field Celtique Energie are about to submit a planning application.

Marcus Adams, a Frack Free Fernhurst campaign leader

Marcus Adams, a Frack Free Fernhurst campaign leader

They have been threatened and ostracised by a section of the community and Celtique Energie boss Geoff Davies has condemned what he described as the ‘venom’ being thrown at them.

At a public meeting held by Frack Free Fernhurst (FFF) one of the campaign leaders Marcus Adams said: “I want to make it personally very clear neither myself nor anybody else at Frack Free Fernhurst has encouraged or countenanced any action because Robin and Carla.

“It is their decision what they have done with their land. I personally don’t agree with it, but it’s their decision and we are certainly not advocating that people should take action against those two individuals or their family or their property.”

Mr Adams took issue with Mr Davies’ claim Celtique Energie was consulting with Fernhurst over its plans to drill: “He talks about the surgeries he is having to engage with the people of Fernhurst,” he said.

“Aside from the exhibition in June there have been two surgeries and 18 people have had the pleasure of discussing these proposals.” The company had been invited to attend Friday’s meeting by FFF and MP Andrew Tyrie : “But despite us asking them many times they have absolutely refused to engage in any debate.”