French gas smell reaches West Sussex coast

A GAS leak in a factory in France has caused a foul-smelling odour to reach the Observer area.

The smell hitting West Sussex is the result of a leaked chemical from a factory in Rouen, France.

After leaking yesterday, it blew across the Channel overnight; it has been diluted before entering the air over England.

Sussex Police have assured locals that the gas, though quite unpleasant, poses no danger to health.

Twitter user Fred Ellis posted: “The French pong is coming your way,” while another user, Duncan & Davies, tweeted: “Smell right over the nursery now. Very French!”

The smell, which is similar to that of rotten eggs, has also reached parts of Surrey and Kent.

The Health Protection Agency says: “It is an unpleasant odour which may cause some people to feel slightly nauseous but it will dispel naturally.”

West Sussex Fire & Rescue services are asking people not to call unless they suspect a gas leak in the local vicinity. In this instance, people are advised to phone the gas company and then emergency services, if necessary.

For public health information, contact HPA South East Communications team 01403 229074 or 229075, or 07789 295454.