Frustrated Midhurst town councillors press for coach parking


FRUSTRATED Midhurst town councillors are pressing ahead with their fight for coach parking in the town.

They are pushing forward proposals to use a bay at the North Street bus station for coaches.

They are also pursuing the possibility of ‘shaving off’ part of the roundabout at the bus station to provide a space and hoping a traffic regulation order for North Street will make coach parking in the lay-by close to the school official.

But chairman of the finance and general purposes committee Steve Morley echoed the sentiments of fellow members when he said: “No-one is taking us seriously. Meanwhile the traders in the town are losing trade and we as residents could lose the traders 
as a result.”

Chairman of the town council John Etherington said: “We have got to keep trying to get coach parking. I almost feel we are being ignored by West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council and Stagecoach.

“Someone from the district council was supposed to contact me to discuss spaces at the Grange and no-one ever did – it sums up their attitude to the whole thing.”

The bus station land is owned by the district council. The bus service is the responsibility of the county council and Stagecoach runs the service.

Now town councillors are making a formal proposal to use the bay on the Easebourne side of the bus station as a coach dropping off point.

They say Stagecoach buses should be restricted to the two bays the other side of the road.

Town councillors said they rejected a Stagecoach offer for parking in a 20-minute window every hour as the current space was under-used.