Gallery of pictures: Pancake day races in Midhurst and Fernhurst

There was a chance to show off flipping skills when pupils and their families took part in traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake races yesterday (Tuesday, February 28).

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 2:53 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:04 am

And at Fernhurst Primary School the sun shone as pupils, staff and friends, as well as children from the pre-school, lined up for their flipping contests.

A school spokesman said: “After a gap of a year due to wet weather the pancake race organisers were delighted that despite the weather forecast, the sun shone on Shrove Tuesday for almost all the event. Only Year 6 had to run in the rain but it was the perfect reason for parents to move towards shelter rather than line up with a frying pan!”

In a well organised progression the children were lined up for their races on the upper playground with great speed - one race full of pupils ready for the off almost before the others had finished their toss and run.

“Not everyone quite had the hang of tossing a pancake - a compulsory part of each race with Year 6 having to complete the action three times - but it did not seem to matter too much provided they finished the distance with the inedible rubber offering!”

Races were run in year order and event organisers thanked staff for their help.

At the Midhurst Nursery Class the youngsters were joined by their family and friends for one of their favourite days on the nursery class calendar.

Proprietor Chris Reseigh said: “Tuesday was a real old fashioned family event for us.

“About 30 families turned up, the weather was kind, everyone from grandparents to toddlers joined in. Rather gritty pancakes that had fallen on the hard court were nibbled at and the only tears were when there were no more races!

“Our pancake races have become such a long standing tradition that some of the mums who joined us on Tuesday took part themselves as children.”