Government fracking consultation was a ‘sham’

ANTI-FRACKING campaigners have branded government consultation on its plans to change the trespass law so companies can drill under people’s land as ‘a sham’.

The announcement was made by the department for energy and climate change on Friday.

It said despite the overwhelming response to its consultation – more than 40,000 replies – it was going ahead with proposals to remove people’s rights to object to fracking beneath their properties.

Friends of the Earth senior campaigner Jane Thomas said: “With 99 per cent of the respondents opposing the plans, it is clear this was a sham consultation.

“This government seems hell-bent on fracking irrespective of widespread opposition. You’d think with a general election approaching, politicians would listen to public opinion and 
get behind the popular energy solutions of cutting waste and backing renewables.

“Fracking for more fossil fuels will cause more pollution and bring about more catastrophic climate change – the government should stop making things easier for the frackers and allow people a say in what happens beneath their property.”

Simon Clydesdale, energy campaigner for Greenpeace UK, added: “The roar of opposition to this arrogant policy is deafening, yet ministers are determined to blithely ignore what the overwhelming majority of the British public thinks and wants.

“This move is the signature policy of the government’s fracking push. The country needs and wants clean, safe energy, and expects to be listened to.

“There’ll be a hefty political price to pay for this massive sell-out to the narrow interests 
of the shale lobby.’