Graffham residents make crumble for night shelter

Graffham gardener Gillian Brandt picks apples for the crumble
Graffham gardener Gillian Brandt picks apples for the crumble

PEOPLE in Graffham have been making the most of a bumper crop of apples by using them to make more than 50 crumbles for St Joseph’s Night Shelter in Hunston, near Chichester.

The ‘crumbleathon’ was part of the village’s harvest celebrations and was kick-started by Rector Steve Gray of St Giles Church.

He asked for people to donate their time to the kitchen and helped put volunteers in touch with people who had spare apples.

Catering-sized tinfoil containers were handed out throughout September and after the harvest service, and were returned filled with delicious home-made puddings to the cooks’ favourite recipes.

Among those who got stuck in to the community project were the Brownies who were very keen to fulfill their motto and ‘lend a hand’.

Brown Owl Harriet Rowntree said: “It is fantastic to have an opportunity where Brownies can really do something practical to help other people locally.”

The Brownies were visited by Dawn Ingram from the organisation Stonepillow, which runs the night shelter.

She gave a small talk to the girls about some of the many reasons why people become homeless and the help they receive from the charity.

The Brownies made five crumbles and next year Mrs Rowntree plans for them to make even more.

Stonepillow’s Emma Kierans was delighted to receive the crumbles, which have been stored in their deep-freezers for use throughout the year.