Happy Birthday Midhurst Time Bank

THE Midhurst Time Bank is inviting townspeople to help celebrate its first birthday at St Anne’s Hall on Saturday May 26.

“With 60 members and new members joining all the time we have been really pleased with the way the town has embraced this new Community Project sponsored by Mind,” said time bank development worker Susanna Lloyd.

“The time bank aims to increase the quality of life of our community by sharing skills and resources. Members help each other out with neighbourly tasks, earning time credits which they can use when they need help in return.”

She said there be wine and food provided by members at the party from 6.30pm-8.30pm and a charity auction to raise funds for the work of the time bank.

“If you would like to come please phone and book a space and we will give you more details on 01730 814999 (message only) or 07792 933568.