Harting road works are a ‘waste of money’

RESIDENTS of Mill Lane, Harting, were shocked when workmen turned up to close and resurface their road.

It was only after a string of complaints the county council put up signs to let residents know it was taking place.

Richard Coltart, who lives in one of two houses down the road, could not see why the work was necessary, as there was nothing wrong with the road, and only four or five cars use it regularly.

When he tried to drive out on the morning of Wednesday, August 22, there were workmen blocking the road.

It was only after complaints that they postponed the work until the following day, and handed out notices to residents.

He said: “It is a complete waste of money, and I was pretty upset when I couldn’t get my car out and there was no warning. I am battling a treatable cancer at the moment where sometimes I need to get to hospital at very short notice, so I need access to my car and the road at all times.

“The council told me they are skimming the road to protect it from the damaging effects of the elements. It is just so unnecessary.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “To ensure roads and lanes are kept in good condition we apply surface dressing. This keeps it free of cracks and in good condition. However, this necessitated the closure of Mill Lane for half a day.

“The last time we carried out this procedure was in 2007. If we didn’t do this, it would cost us ten times as much to repair it.”