Haslemere youngsters take control of Twitter

Taking control of Twitter SUS-140109-181806001
Taking control of Twitter SUS-140109-181806001

MUSEUMS all over the country got involved in an initiative which saw them handing over control of their Twitter accounts to groups of young people.

Haslemere Museum was among them, handing over the job of tweeting to two of its HYPE (Haslemere Young People Exhibition) team.

Jodi and Elsie tweeted about the items on display and the first world war exhibition, talked to Haidee Thomas, museum engagement officer for Surrey, and interviewed staff and volunteers at the museum.

Reporting back in 140 characters is not the easiest thing to do, but they were excellent at it.

They said their favourite tweet has to be “Life is awesome at Haslemere Museum, everything is awesome when you’re part of the HYPE team!”

One staff member said: “It is always lovely to see the museum through other’s eyes and our staff were delighted to see their enthusiasm.

“The day was an innovative way for them to get a different experience and for the museum to have their endorsement broadcast to the wider world.”

The HYPE team is open to all young people from secondary school age. If you want to know more about what they do, contact Kay Topping on 01428 642112 or email education@haslemeremuseum.co.uk

Follow the team on twitter by looking for @haslemeremuseum

In recent years the museum has won several awards including the Museums and Heritage Awards Project on a Limited Budget 2014, The Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award 2012 and the Museums and Heritage Awards Nation’s Favourite Museum 2012.