Midhurst’s community day care plans are taking off

Claims the day care service in the Midhurst and Petworth area are not viable appear to have been proved dramatically wrong.

Large numbers of elderly and vulnerable people have said they are interested in joining the ground breaking new community-led day care centre, founded by the Rother Valley Together group who commissioned Age UK to run the service.

This is despite West Sussex County Council’s decision to close the previous service because, it said, numbers were dwindling.

But launched on Monday, organisers say there has been a huge interest in the new service.

Tracy Taylor-Beck, head of day care services for Age UK told the Observer: “Certainly the message we have been getting is there is a need.

“It looks as though there is a massive number of people who want to return.”

And the numbers appear to have proved what ‘save our day care’ campaigners have always claimed – there is a need for a day care centre.