St Richard’s nurse is leading fight against alcohol abuse

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A NURSE based at St Richard’s Hospital who helps protect patients from the dangers of excessive drinking has been honoured.

Catrina Gooderham, who became the first ever Alcohol Liaison Nurse working for the hospital trust, specialises in helping patients who may be drinking too much.

She has had more than 450 referrals in her first 10 months, but describes that number as simply the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

In fact she has had such an impact she was named as the Trust’s Employee of the Month for November.

Inspired by her efforts, the trust is now about to introduce a second Alcohol Liaison Nurse, based at Worthing Hospital.

“It is not necessarily just the amount of alcohol someone drinks that is important, it is whether it affects their life,” she said.

“If someone misses work or hurts themselves because they are hungover, for example, that might be a sign that they are drinking excessively.”