Week offers a chance to tackle problem drinking

People across the county are being encouraged to start thinking and talking about their drinking habits.

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week, and the NHS in West Sussex are marking it by urging people to start talking about how much they drink.

More than one in four people in West Sussex regularly drink more than the recommended levels of alcohol and more than 39,000 residents in the county are deemed as ‘high risk drinkers’, people who drink at very heavy levels which significantly increases their risk of damaging their health and who may have already caused some harm to their health.

In 2010-11 there were more than 125,000 alcohol related hospital admissions in West Sussex, including 68,944 after initially being seen in A&E and 17,107 as an inpatient for planned treatment.

If you are concerned about your drinking or that of a loved one you can also talk to one of the county’s Wellbeing Advisors or your local GP.

They can answer any questions you have, support you to improve your health and signpost you to local services.

You can find out more at www.westsussex.nhs.uk/live-well-alcohol