Historic fair comes to the streets of Petworth again

PETWORTH’s historic fair takes to the streets once again next Tuesday (November 20) for the annual night of fun which has been part of the town’s calendar for as long as anyone can remember.

The fair will be officially opened at 3pm with a reading of the proclamation by town crier Mike Hubbard.

There will be traditional fun for children in the form of the gallopers and the chairplane courtesy as always of the Harris Brothers and in the Leconfield Hall there will be more entertainment on offer from stalls, tombola, Punch and Judy shows, face painting and a concert by Petworth Town Band.

At around 8.30pm members of Petworth Town Band will make their way outside to the gallopers from where they will play Sussex By The Sea in what has become a traditional defiant gesture following the burning of the gallopers by vandals during the 2005 Petworth Fair.

“It was a dreadful night,” said chairman of the Petworth Society Peter Jerrome who has organised the fair for the last 27 years, “and this defiant gesture has now become embedded in the tradition of the fair.”

The origins of the fair have been lost in time, but it is believed it has been a regular feature since before 1189.